About the KSLR Forum

In January 2019, the KSLR launched the KSLR Forum in recognition of the fact that academic scholarship pertaining to recent legal developments needs be published expeditiously if it is to achieve maximum impact.

The aim of the KSLR Forum, therefore, is to be at the forefront of recent legal developments and to stimulate academic debate by publishing shorter pieces of academic scholarship on a rolling basis.

Like KSLR Journal papers, KSLR Forum articles benefit from a double-blind peer-review process. Please note, the KSLR Forum is not a blog: we do not consider opinion pieces or articles which are journalistic, rather than academic, in style.

To this end, we consider, inter alia:

  • Articles in response to KSLR Journal papers – find the most recent edition of the KSLR Journal here;
  • Case notes;
    • You can write to us at kslr.forum@gmail.com to reserve a case in advance. Cases will be reserved for 10 days after judgment is handed down, at which point, if no submission is received, the case will be reallocated.
  • Analysis of recently enacted or impending legislation;
  • Analysis of impending policy or regulatory developments/amendments.


Editorial Team

Forum Managing Editor

Wendy Carazo Méndez

Forum Coordinating Editor

Senara Eggleton


Editorial Process – Double-Blind Peer Review

  1. Receipt of submission confirmed within 7 days.
  2. If a submission is rejected, the Editors will provide brief feedback. If the Editors consider that your post has potential to be published, but is not currently of the required standard, they will send the article to a Senior Editor for first blind-peer review.
  3. The Editors will then decide whether the submission is to be rejected or accepted with major/minor corrections. This takes around 14 days. Authors are usually required to make any major/minor corrections within 7 days.
  4. The submission is then sent for a second blind-peer review. Repeat of step 3.
  5. A definitive decision as to publication is made by the Editors upon receipt of the final edited draft. If the article is to be published, you will be informed and the Editors will send your article to a Proof-reading Editor.
  6. Once the author has accepted the Proof-reading Editor’s changes, the article will be published on the Forum.

The KSLR is run by postgraduate researchers at King’s College London. We rely on the expertise of our Senior Editors who are PhD researchers and, as such, responses may take longer at times, eg during the marking season. Otherwise, the above represents maximum timescales and we aim to minimise this, particularly where a post covers a very recent or urgent issue. The Editors will communicate timescales to authors in a timely fashion.


Previous Forum Management 

Charles Mak (Managing Editor 2020-2021)

Rebecca McKittrick (Coordinating Editor 2021-2022)

Jack Bickerton (Coordinating Editor 2020-2021)

Malcolm Jingxuan Wu (2019)

Ariana Foley (2018-2019)


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Disclaimer: The KSLR Forum has been created for educational and information purposes only. It is not intended to constitute legal advice and must not be relied upon as such. All information is believed to be correct at the date of publication but may become obsolete or inaccurate over time. Any opinions expressed in KSLR Forum articles are those of the authors and do not purport to reflect the opinions and views of the King’s Student Law Review or King’s College London as a whole.