Partner Publications

The King’s Student Law Review’s Joint Publication with Strife. 

Strife is a biannual, peer-reviewed academic periodical publication created and managed by  researchers from the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. As the two-leading student-led peer-reviewed academic journals at King’s College London, the King’s Student Law Review and Strife are pleased to announce the joint publication of new edition under the overarching theme of ‘Law and War’. This joint edition is to be published on an annual basis, for information about

We are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural first issue of this joint publication (Winter 2018):

Editorial on ‘Law and War’

Margot Tudor – ‘The Re-establishment of Satisfactory Conditions in the Congo’: Examining the UN’s Response to the Belgian Military Intervention in July 1960′

Fahrid Chishty – Reconfiguring the War Prerogative: How Executive-Legislative Tensions Continue to Determine, and Obscure, the Legal Basis on Which Armed Forces are Deployed to Overseas Conflicts under the UK Constitution

Richard W. Miller – Rogue State is not ‘OK’:  A Critique of an American Usage

Ari Weil – The Challenges of Defining Terrorism in International Treaty Law

Amit Anand & Preethi Lolaksha Nagaven – Covert Drone Strikes and the Rules on Targeting: Obama’s Troubling Legacy

Tasneem Ghazi – Examining the Concept of Jihad: Closing the Disparity between Scriptural Meaning and Abuse