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Molly Davies

Interview with Bridie: Working in IAPT

By | Life Scientific

In this blog, we interviewed research assistant Bridie MacDonald about her work in IAPT.     What is the difference between a psychological wellbeing practitioner (PWP) and a high intensity (HIT) CBT Therapist? PWP and HIT CBT Therapist are both psychological therapists in NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT)…

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Introduction to the new blog series: Mythbusters

By | Mythbusters

Welcome to the first post in our next blog series: Mythbusters! This series is about common “myths” or beliefs about genetics and psychology, particularly those that have arisen in conversations we have been having with members of the public about the “Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression” or GLAD Study….

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A for Anxiety

By | A-Z

Welcome to the very first post of our “A-Z” series, where we will give summaries of common themes, methods, or concepts that are often mentioned or discussed on the blog. Here, we start at the beginning (which is where things normally start) with the letter A, for Anxiety. Everybody feels…

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