What you need to know about Theology and Religious Studies

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Are there different modules to pick from the RPE course?

Absolutely! One of the fantastic reasons why I was drawn to the RPE course is because of the different optional modules we could choose every semester.  Taking strictly religion and theology-related modules are my absolute favourite, as they go in-depth about the origins of each world religion. For instance, ‘The New Testament: Origins, Contexts, and Meanings’ module is one I studied during semester 1 and it was so insightful as I was able to learn about the origins of the New Testament and how Christianity came to be! You also have the option of picking up some ancient languages by studying Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek modules starting from year 1!


How is RPE being taught during the pandemic?

Since I’m living in London, I had the opportunity to take all of the modules for the RPE course in person. The in-person teaching was great as we got to personally see our teachers and interact with our peers which was always helpful! However, it is important to note that the Professors make all the work and tasks accessible on KEATS (which is the main website for all university student’s resources) and that there will always be academic support and help online where needed. The university is very understanding of different students’ needs during these uncertain times and makes work available on online platforms if needed.


What are exams and assignments like? 

The number of exams and assignments that you are expected to take can differ each year depending on which modules you take. So personally for me, I picked more optional modules that expected me to do coursework assignments and I only took a few modules that expect me to do exams in the summer. For me, this helped me keep a balance on each of my modules and ensured that I wasn’t too stressed out when doing either of them. In general, exams and assignments at the degree level are meant to challenge you but they are certainly not impossible to do, so don’t worry too much! 


What is independent study like, do we get academic support?

Yes, we get plenty of academic support from each module tutor that is teaching a specific module to us. They would gear you in the right direction if you needed help with any assignments or needed your essay plans to be looked over. They also provided helpful reading lists which helped me structure how much time I spent on any relevant readings that I needed to use for my assignments. Independent study is meant to be challenging as you are expected to do most of the work in your own time. However, by implementing my organisational and time management skills, I was able to have a healthy relationship between the work that I did each week to the time I spent in my free time. It’s all about balance and what works for you!


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