5 Things I Love About Studying at King’s College London

by: Ro Xzi

As an international student studying History and Political Economy here at King’s College London, I want to share a few things that have helped me adjust learning and living abroad.

  1. Location

Located in central London, there is always something new and exciting to explore. With five different campuses, the opportunity to discover new food, architecture, and history is always just around the corner. Following a 15-minute walk from Strand campus, you can find yourself in the heart of Chinatown. A 5-minute walk from Guy’s campus and you can find yourself in Borough Market! While public transport is easily accessible, you may find yourself opting to walk everywhere to save a few pounds. Hence, I am grateful for the views I see daily, such as when crossing Waterloo Bridge to get to the Strand campus or the lighting up of the Shard during the holiday season when going to the library at Guy’s campus.

  1. Courses

When I first began searching for what to study at university, I didn’t have a clue. I knew that I was passionate about History but also wanted something more. So, when my friend introduced me to the course History and Political Economy I was hooked. It offered me the opportunity to continue studying a topic I was passionate about while facilitating my exploration into a topic that piqued my interests. Not only am I able to study a course that caters to all my interests, but I am also constantly meeting new people who are just as passionate about their own course.

  1. Classes

While I can only speak for my course, I enjoy the small sizes of my seminars. With one seminar leader, groups discussions regarding readings or worksheets are comprised of questions, debates, and conclusions. While seminars differ in the way they are conducted, they provide the opportunity to grow as a learner in an intellectually challenging environment due to different perspectives presented from people of all backgrounds and cultures.

  1. Societies

Whether you are interested in baking or investment banking, there is a society for you. Promoted at the annual Freshers Fair, you have the opportunity to join an academic, cultural, leisure, and/or sports society! Here, you have the chance to make great friends who share similar interests or backgrounds. While starting this new chapter in your life is scary for everyone, as an international student myself, cultural societies helped make me feel like ‘home’ existed here in London too.

  1. Jobs/Careers

All students, recent alumni, staff, and employers have access to King’s Career Connect. For students, this service enables you to search for various types of jobs, including internships and placements, be notified of new opportunities and events for your preferences and career goals, book careers or application guidance appointments with practice interviews, and attend various events aimed at furthering your employability. Personally, I have used King’s Talent Bank to find a part-time job alongside planning to apply for summer internships. With an abundance of information and guidance, this service is incredibly helpful.

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