Top 5 Things I Love About Studying Film Studies

Jack, a 2nd Year Film Studies BA

As a Second-Year student here at King’s, there are several things about my degree that I have come to value the more time I’ve spent here. Here are the top 5 things I love about studying Film Studies.

1. The Films

It seems almost too obvious to say: Film Studies at King’s gives you the opportunity any cinephile would want; to watch countless brilliant movies. There are normally weekly screenings for each of your modules. These include works from filmmakers with a diverse range in backgrounds, identities, and styles. While some of these films are classics, what I find most exciting is watching underground, unknown films by filmmakers all over the world. We recently watched a documentary called Videograms of a Revolution in my second-year Television Studies module, and despite the fact I’d never heard of the film before, it immediately became one of my all-time favourites. This opportunity and access films I would otherwise never have seen or learnt about is one of the best things about studying film in an academic capacity. Some of the films we screen are not widely distributed, or hard to come by, so a screening is a rare delight. In addition to weekly screenings, simply studying in London also allows you access to several independent cinemas and film events throughout the year. Modules and the film selections change each year, so there is always something new to discover if you choose to study Film Studies at King’s.

2. Community

Film Studies also has a great community of like-minded people. Each year has a moderately small number of students, and as a result you can get to know the student body across your seminars. This provides a great opportunity to make friends outside of your accommodation or in societies. Having friends on your course allows you to not only discuss what you’re learning, but also creates a fun environment of people to see in class every day.

3. Resources
There are lots of opportunities to see films throughout London!

The other thing I love about studying Film here at King’s is the incredible variety of resources at your disposal – including loads of theoretical and academic writing on film available at the library. The Maughan library near Strand Campus (where humanities and arts have their classes) also has many films available to watch. The Strand Campus is located just across the Thames from the British Film Institute (BFI), which is home to fantastic screenings and a Mediatheque of classic films for you to inspect. It’s also home to the BFI Reuben Library, where you can study and look at an array of film journals and books. Being in London means the amount of film-related resources at your disposal is arguably better than anywhere else in the country.

4. Transferable skills

A Film Studies degree actually covers a wide amount of content – from historical context, social conventions, and to the psychology behind films. As a result, the amount of transferable skills and knowledge you acquire is surprising. You’ll gain presentation and speaking skills in seminars and the ability to organise and analyse when working on your academic essays. The work you’ll do researching and watching films is applicable in the workplace, and life in general. I recently worked on a TEDx talk at university and used what I’d learnt from writing film essays when structuring, researching, and performing the talk.

Modules typically include weekly film screenings
5. Personnel

The lecturers and seminar leaders here at King’s are experts in their fields, who are not only approachable individuals, but provide insights and criticism on cinema that are engaging and interesting. Having lecturers who are passionate and knowledgeable in the field of film makes your modules far more interesting, and the fantastic personnel here at King’s have made attending classes compelling.


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