Getting Involved with Extra Curricular Activity at King’s

Written by Jack, a Film Studies student

My name is Jack and I take Film Studies here at King’s College London. I chose this course because, put simply, I love cinema and couldn’t think of anything better than studying film in intricate detail, and getting the opportunity to watch cinema from all over the world. I felt as though I would benefit more from studying the form of film rather than practical filmmaking, so King’s unique course was well suited for me. What I love most about my course is the diverse range of topics, with films from diverse filmmakers all over the world.

Getting involved with Extra-Curricular Activity at King’s

During your time here at King’s College London, it’s important to get involved in London University life outside of your degree; as often these opportunities are just as enriching as your academic studies. They’re a great way of making friends, finding your community, and getting structure in your life during those formative early days of moving to London. In your first week here you can attend a Welcome Fair, where all the societies will be present. You can sign up for as many as you want, attend a variety of introductory events, and get involved immediately! There is a massive variety of societies – while I personally got involved in more entertainment and performance-based activities, you can follow your political, scientific or expressive pursuits by joining whichever ones you want.

The Film Studies course here at King’s is entirely theory-based, and so King’s Film Society is a great way to get involved with practical filmmaking. With professional equipment, short-film projects, and communal screenings, it’s a great way to take initiative and work towards your own films in a freeform structure.

There are also societies for finding like-minded people – many are centred around political ideas and minority groups. When I started here at King’s, I went to an LGBT Soc event in Freshers week which was a great way to meet friendly people in a fun environment. You can also write for several student magazine and papers, such as Strand magazine, which recently won Student Publication of the Year at the Student Publication Awards.

Don’t worry about being located in the inner city if you’re interested in Sport – King’s has three gyms and many sports societies with both King’s and GKT teams (specifically medics campus but open to all students). From Hockey to Rugby, Dance to Ultimate Frisbee, joining a team is a great way to make new friends and get a sense of community whether you’re interested in joining a team or playing recreationally.

If you’re interested in performing arts, there are a plethora of shows to get involved with. Both King’s and GKT medics have musical theatre societies, and King’s has a theatre and Shakespeare society that collectively put on 5 shows a semester (10 a year). With plays also sometimes by the Classics, German and English Literature Society, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved both on and off stage. King’s is also home to DJ and Radio Societies, where you can host your own show and develop your producing skills in a state-of-the-art studio.

During my time at King’s, I’ve been able to get involved in as many different societies as I can get my hands on. In my year and a half here in London, I’ve hosted my own radio show, given a TEDx talk, been in 3 student productions and travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe festival with the Improv Troupe ‘Running-a-Mock’. I have found the plethora of activities to involve myself in just as enriching as my academic studies, and they have allowed me to find a practical element alongside my theoretical degree.

Overall, King’s College London has a wide majority of Societies to get involved with in addition to the enriching advantage of being in the centre of the capital. The world is your oyster – from theatre and comedy, to sport and culture, you can get involved by just stepping outside your front door. You’ll never run out of things to do while studying here at King’s.

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