Following your passions – why you should join a society at uni

Chloe Barry - 3rd Year, History BA

When I arrived at the King’s Welcome Fair in first year, I had little desire to join loads of societies – I mainly went for the free Domino’s vouchers. But I couldn’t resist the excitement and variety of what was on offer. Some lured me with sweets, others with posters, and still more with friendly faces. I signed up to 42 clubs!

What societies can give you:

Clearly joining 42 societies is mad. Long term I’ve only ended up in four – but I’ve stuck around for a range of reasons.

  • KingsTV (KCL’s student TV society) has let me get creative making videos! I’ve also gained amazing experience in media, which I want to work in post-graduation.
  • I set up the KCL Hiking Society with two friends in my second year – partially to get some (much needed) exercise! It’s also been a great way to meet people from across the university, and get to know more of London than the 4 Prets on the Strand.
  • KCL Radio (King’s student radio station) has provided my flatmate and I with a platform to talk about the stuff that matters to us – namely the musical theatre actor she’s in love with that week!
  • The Hot Chocolate Society (providing snacks and a listening ear to local rough sleepers) has encouraged me to reflect on privilege in society, whilst meeting lovely, interesting people in unfortunate circumstances.

These are just a few examples from the 300+ societies within KCLSU (the Student Union). What they show is how societies can change your view of the world, advance your career prospects, and give you connections with some of the most fascinating people you’ll ever meet.

University – it’s not just the degree

The most important thing that university teaches you is that life isn’t just about exams, essays and grades – and if they’re all you think about you’ll have a pretty dull time!

One integral aspect of all societies at KCL is that they’re social. After all, where better to look for friends than people who share your interests?

Once you graduate from King’s, your future employers will obviously look at your grades – but they’re also looking to see what makes you unique. Societies are the best way to express your interests, and to show employers how valuable you’ll be working for them.

Express yourself

Ultimately all the societies at KCL exist so that you can enhance your enjoyment of university. Whether you rave about rugby, are a dab hand at dance or a coding queen, societies at Kings exist so that you can follow your passion.


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