Things to do between lectures

Written by Virginia, a Music student.

Sometimes, you may find yourself with an awkward break between classes. Rather than heading back to halls, why not stay around campus? I’ve compiled a list of things to do make the most of your time on the Strand.

Explore the campus

When you thought you have finally familiarized yourself with the right classrooms, the next questions might be, where is the best place to study? My personal favourite is the informal study space located on the second floor of the Strand Campus, opposite of the River Room. It is slightly less crowded than the ground floor study space. There are even charge boxes in case your phones ran out of battery!

Explore the Local Area

Being based in the heart of central London means there’s always places to explore.

Chapters is a great place to have lunch and meet up with friends

Visit the beautiful Somerset House or Royal Courts of Justice right next to us! If the weather allows, head for a walk across the Thames to Southbank, the host of the National Theatre and Southbank Centre, one of the major cultural hubs of London. 


Lunch Break

Too little time for a casual walk? Keep yourself hydrated and head to Chapters café on campus. Or why not try Somerset café, which is more peaceful and quiet. Use the time to eat, regain energy and prepare for the next class. King’s Food covers a wide variety of choices of freshly prepared main meals, sandwiches, snacks and desserts. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are widely available.

I love going to the gym to relieve stress!

Get Active

I personally tend to use a lot of nervous energy from all the studying, and I find exercising a good mood booster from all the work. As I am based at the Strand campus, I like to head to the Bush House Gym. They have over 200 classes such as HIIT, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates going on every week. Duration of classes ranges from a quick half-hour sweat to one hour, perfect if you want to get active between lectures! There are also gyms based at Guys and Waterloo campuses. Pricing of memberships are quite student friendly, so much cheaper than most gyms out there.

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