A Day in the Life of a Music student

Written by Virginia, a Music MMus student.

Through the lens of a Music MMus student

Studying a postgraduate degree in music might seem daunting, with 7 minutes of composition portfolio due in one week, while having to keep up with readings for weekly seminars. Though compared to my undergraduate years, my schedule is now much more flexible, with less contact hours per week with our professors.

Here is a rough guide on how my day as a music student generally goes:


For me, the most effective time to study is in the mornings. After breakfast, I go through readings for upcoming seminars. Even though my major is composition, we are still required to take reading-based modules for a broader understanding of musical issues across different perspectives.


After lunch, I resume my self-study period, either with readings or compositions. As a composer, there are days when I sit in front of the piano for the entire afternoon and fail to come up with anything. There are also days when I am particularly inspired and productive. This process of learning is inevitable, and it is finishing the piece that gives me the most rewarding feeling. 

Practice makes perfect!

There is a common conception among people that music students practice long hours every day. This might be the case for those studying in conservatories, but as I no longer receive instrumental tuition, I have part time jobs including working at King’s department tasters and open days. This is a great opportunity to develop your interpersonal and hospitality skills by introducing prospective students to courses and university life. Learn more about King’s student ambassador scheme.


After a long day, it is nice to have a relaxing meal with friends. Living in London can be expensive, so instead of eating out, my course mates and I like to have nights in with home cooked meals. As the composition cohort is small, we all got to know each other quickly. It is always nice to see familiar faces every time you go for classes!

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