Not sure about study abroad? These five destinations may change your mind…

By Jessica, Liberal Arts BA student

Choosing whether to study abroad is a huge decision. Is it even worth the effort? If, like me, you have serious wanderlust, then hearing about some of the places you can go as part of your degree might make your decision easier.

King’s has over 150 partner universities in over 30 countries! Here are just 5 of the places you can study abroad:

Universität Zürich – Switzerland

Universität Zürich

Close to the city’s old town, the university is the largest in Switzerland, with 25,000 students. If you’re a foodie, this is the perfect place for you. There’s enough fondue, potato rösti and raclette for anyone. If you’re looking for a bustling city with an easy escape to the country, the city is surrounded by hills, which are easily accessible by public transport, and are covered in snow in the winter.

University of Auckland – New Zealand

University of Auckland

With seven campuses, being a student at the University of Auckland is a great way to experience what New Zealand has to offer. The main campus is close to the harbour and the town centre, providing great views of the bay. New Zealand is an extreme sport lover’s dream as there are opportunities for water sports, volcano hiking and boat tours off the small coastal islands. Plus, if you’re a fan of The Lord of the Rings series, you’ll be able to visit the movie set, it’s around 2 hours from Auckland.

Kyoto University – Japan

Kyoto University

Kyoto University, or Kyodai in Japanese, is one of the oldest universities in the country. The city has a rich culture dating back to the 8th century. Once the capital of Japan, the city is still very important to the Japanese economy, with several important technology firms based in the city, including Nintendo and Mitsubishi. In this way, Kyoto has both its historical foundation and future promise going for it. Affordable food and culture are also right on your doorstep.

Universidad del Pacifico – Peru

Universidad del Pacifico

Universidad del Pacifico (UP) is a small, private university in the capital, Lima. The city, on the West Coast, is one of the largest in South America. Here, you can learn all about the ancient Incan cultures by visiting a lost city, munch on ceviche and brush up on your Spanish all at the same time. With such a small university community, you’re guaranteed to some great memories here. Make sure to check out the city’s heart, the Plaza de Armas – it’s sure to light up your Instagram feed!

Université de Montréal – Canada

Université de Montréal

Seen as the perfect middle ground between Paris and Brooklyn, Montreal is Shoreditch’s Canadian brother. Full of pop-up bars, shops and restaurants, the city tends to attract the young and young at heart. There are always plenty of exhibitions to see or gigs to go to, so you will never miss out on the social side of things. The university itself is French-language speaking, but the university fosters a bilingual environment and has plenty of English-speaking students and staff.

Now that you’ve heard a little about what study abroad options King’s has to offer, why not read about King’s student Aaran’s experience of applying to study abroad?

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