What inspires me most about my postgraduate degree at King’s?

Hello! I’m Ciara, a King’s postgraduate student in Classical Art and Archaeology based at the Strand Campus. My interests are in Greek art and architecture and I am working towards a career in museum education or accessibility.

It’s hard to pin-point a single point of inspiration about my postgraduate degree at Kings, but so much of it has been down to studying what I love in a university with so much Classical opportunity. 

Studying in the centre of London means that museums like the British Museum and the Museum of London are close by. We often get to go behind the scenes and meet curators or have handling sessions as part of our classes! I have also been offered a placement to work with one of the curators at the British Museum, where I’ll be working in the basement, handling fragmentary pieces and studying their provenance.

The Classics department at Kings is so friendly and welcoming. We have a wide variety of specialisms across lecturers and this is reflected in the multitude of modules available to us. With the added bonus of my degree being intercollegiate I also have the opportunity to take modules at UCL, The Institute of Classical Studies or Royal Holloway and meet a wide network of Classicists across London.

As a student of King’s, I am very fortunate to have been able to take part in the Rumble Fund which includes a trip to either Greece or Italy and is fully funded by the generous donation of a past student. This module is offered exclusively to King’s students and my trip to Athens and Delphi last December is most certainly a high point of my time here! It was inspiring to stand on the steps of the Parthenon and consider all the history that has brought it to this point.

So, to conclude, what inspires me most about my postgraduate degree at King’s? It has to be the endless opportunities available to all students.

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