Firefox conquers the world

Some of the articles on this blog last week resulted in quite a bit of traffic. As I was looking through our logs to see what they looked like, one surprising thing stood out: the percentage of Firefox users.

The graph above (thanks to Google Analytics, an amazing web traffic analyzer service that we run here) shows the proportional distribution of browsers used to access this blog over the last week.

And the result is: Firefox is taking over the world…

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What’s In A Word? — Firefox Safe Mode

Wording is important in good human-computer interaction design. Wording of commands, messages, status and other interface elements can make a big difference. So let’s think for a minute about the word “safe”.

Safe is good, right? Is there anything bad about “safe”?

Firefox has a “Safe Mode”. And it’s a really bad idea. Why, you ask? “Safe” sounds really reassuring. An army of marketing experts could hardly come up with a better word, you would think.

So what’s not to like?

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