JoC #4: Finally – some code!

    Good things, when short, are twice as good.
        — Gracián 

Yes, finally we’re getting into some coding!

Download the brand-new trick-the-turtle scenario (below), watch today’s episode, and then have a go yourself!

Download video

Concepts discussedmethod call, parameter, method definition

Scenario download:    (save and unzip before opening)

10 thoughts on “JoC #4: Finally – some code!

  1. I just downloaded the trick-the-turtle scenario and opened the zip file in Greenfoot. The same error as last time [see comment on episode 3) — could the problem be related to the open from zip file feature? I deleted the expanded folder, unzipped it from Finder and opened the folder (shown as a scenario with greenfoot icon) in Greenfoot scenario menu and it’s fine.

    If this is a bug, perhaps you need to clarify that the zip file should be unzipped in Windows/Finder before opening in Greenfoot. Maybe that’s what most folks would do anyway!

  2. Thanks for the further info! Yes, that’s probably it. I always manually unzip first.

    So, please do that for now, and we’ll look into the zip-expansion bug.

  3. Have you thought of captioning the videos? As an experiment, I tried the closed-caption feature “transcribe audio(beta)” with this episode and the result is not as bad as you’d expect. However, I think that only the video owner can actually download a transcript and edit it.

  4. I hadn’t thought of it, but I am also not sure how interesting that would be. We already have a good amount of teaching material in written form (from tutorials to a whole textbook) and the idea of the videos was to present the material in a different medium.

    If we transcribe or caption this, then we’re back essentially where it started. For those who want to read, I believe reading the existing material is better quality than reading video subtitles.

  5. The advantage of captioning is that it makes the videos themselves more accessible to deaf & hearing-impaired students & teachers. Your argument may be sound w.r.t non-English speakers though, since they may be better off with material from their native language.

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  7. Hi Mik, thanks for the brilliant tutorials. I’ve noticed that WordPress has already worked out that I am linking to them on my site as I work through making notes etc. Hope you don’t mind. I would agree with Peter in that captions are useful in some circumstances and I would maybe add EAL?

    Anyway, thanks again.

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  9. Hi,
    the zip-files seem to be damaged. Both zip-files, hedgehog and trick-the-turtle cannot be unzipped, neither on the Mac nor on a PC.

    Is it possible to fix this problem?

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