Security and unintended leakage of information

[image of code keypad]

A security access keypad

An interesting aspect of online security is how information leaks out of systems in unintended and unexpected ways. The problem is not, of course, limited to online security – it exists in the physical world as well.

Here is an image of a security access keypad. It controls access to a private parking area at the back of my house.

Maybe not quite as secure as intended…

What’s In A Word? — Firefox Safe Mode

Wording is important in good human-computer interaction design. Wording of commands, messages, status and other interface elements can make a big difference. So let’s think for a minute about the word “safe”.

Safe is good, right? Is there anything bad about “safe”?

Firefox has a “Safe Mode”. And it’s a really bad idea. Why, you ask? “Safe” sounds really reassuring. An army of marketing experts could hardly come up with a better word, you would think.

So what’s not to like?

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