JoC #12: Fun with sound

      Many things capture your eye, but only a few capture your heart. Pursue those.
            — Michael Nolan 

It’s time to get out of the silent era, get modern, and add a sound track!

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If you have any questions or requests what I should discuss, please tell me in the comments.

Concepts discussed: Adding sounds, recording sound

3 thoughts on “JoC #12: Fun with sound

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  2. Hi Michael Kolling, i enjoy the JOC videos but i miss one that explains how to add background music to the “Trick The Turtle” Scenario. I have tried different codes i found in Greenfoot but even though i downloaded some music in Wav File and put it ind the Sound folder under “Trick The Turtle” Scenario Greenfoot opens a pop-up window were it says “Error – could not locate the file” even though i called the file exactly what i called it in the Sound map. And i did it the same way as i did with the sound effects from JOC #12 which worked fine. Do you have a solution for this problem?

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