BlueJ is 10

I’m late, I admit it.

A day late, to be exact. Yesterday (23 August 2009) was BlueJ’s 10th birthday.


As BlueJ’s version history shows, BlueJ 1.0 was released on 23 August 1999. It was born in Australia – in Melbourne, to be more exact. The project went through various changes, ending up spread across the world, with one half of the team still in Melbourne, and the other in Canterbury in the UK.

It’s not to be taken for granted that a university project survives that long, so I am really grateful to all members of the team – past and current – and to the extremely supportive user community for sticking with it for so long.

Happy Birthday BlueJ!

New Greenfoot video: Sharing

In the past, a question that often came up after people had implemented their Greenfoot scenarios, was: How can I give this game I made to my friends?

For a while now, Greenfoot has an answer to that: the Export function. Greenfoot can transform scenarios into stand-alone applications, prepare them to run in a web page, or even publish them to an open web server for the whole world to see and play.

Since this is a FAQ, I have made a video that explains this i more detail. Enjoy!

Play video Icon_External_Link

The new blog

Welcome to my new blog home.

My previous blog – mrt – is being replaced with this one. The reason is just that my university now offers hosting of blogs for us, so I can stop running my own blog software. This removes work and hassle for me, and makes my life easier – always a good thing.

I have moved the contents of the old blog over here, and the old one will shortly be removed. If you have a bookmark, please update it now.