Firefox conquers the world

Some of the articles on this blog last week resulted in quite a bit of traffic. As I was looking through our logs to see what they looked like, one surprising thing stood out: the percentage of Firefox users.

The graph above (thanks to Google Analytics, an amazing web traffic analyzer service that we run here) shows the proportional distribution of browsers used to access this blog over the last week.

And the result is: Firefox is taking over the world…

Now, the traffic on this blog came almost exclusively from blogs and tech news sites. So that’s not really a representative cut through the general population. We can probably say that we are dealing mostly with the geeks: a population that is both technically interested and well informed.

But even so, I thought the result is interesting. I think it is saying that among technical enthusiasts and technically interested people (folk who read slashdot and technical comment blogs) a huge majority have switched to Firefox.

First, I was wondering whether it’s mainly Linux users. So I looked at the browser/platform combo:

Here, it becomes clear that it’s not just the Linux users. In fact, by far the most visitors use Windows (as you would expect). So it is really the Windows users who have switched.

It will be interesting to see whether Internet Explorer 7 can reverse this trend. Somehow I doubt it…