School House Gallery

The School House Gallery, Wighton, Near Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk NR23 1AL
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Paintings, Drawings and Prints

Throughout 2019



Works from the Alfred Cohen Art Foundation and Private Collections; and small works for sale  till December 2019

The School House, Wighton, was Alfred Cohen’s home for the last twenty-two years of his life, from 1978 to 2001. In 1983 Diana Cohen opened The School House Art Gallery, which has gained a reputation for showing contemporary art of the highest quality. The Gallery has put on exhibitions of work by Henry Moore, David Hockney, Eric Gill, Alfred Cohen, Derrick Greaves, Anthony Benjamin, and David Jones, as well as regular mixed exhibitions.

Pictures in the gallery

Other artists exhibited include: Norman Ackroyd, Edward Bawden, David Bomberg, Michael Boycott-Brown, Arthur E. Davies, David Evans, Elisabeth Frink, Terry Frost, Josef Herman, Liz Humphries, Dick Lee, Leslie Marr, Ishbel McWhirter, Margaret Mellis, Alison Neville, Mary Newcomb, Tessa Newcomb, Victor Passmore, John Piper, Michael Rothenstein, Colin Self, Ivy Smith, and Brüer Tidman.

A range of ceramics, and of Shona Sculpture, is generally also exhibited.

The Gallery is open Daily, 11.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.,
including Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Closed Mondays.

Indicative pictures of work stocked

The School House at Wighton has an historic connection with 20th century art. It was where Henry Moore carved some of his earliest sculptures. In 1922 his sister, Mary Moore, was appointed headmistress. When she moved to Wighton she brought her parents and young brother Henry with her. During his vacations from the Royal College of Art he sculpted in the garden. In 1993 the Henry Moore Foundation and the School House Gallery put on the exhibition ‘Henry Moore and the Sea’.

The Gallery also houses the Alfred Cohen Art Foundation, and includes a permanent (but changing) exhibition of his work, which includes items from the Foundation’s own collection, as well as from private collections. The Gallery is the primary outlet for Cohen’s graphic work, in particular his screenprints.

During most of the year the Gallery presents a mixed exhibition of vibrant, mainly figurative, modern works.

Previous Exhibitions have included:

  • Dick Lee, Gillian Lee, Jane Lee, Alan Goodwin: ‘The Lees: A Painting Family’, 17 May – 8 June 1997
  • Lady Joan Zuckerman, ‘Recent Work: Oils, Pastels & Prints’, 18-31 July 1998
  • David Hockney, Etchings, 1 – 27 August 1998
  • Jo Taylor, ‘Recent Work: Oils, Drawings & Mixed Media’, 10 October – 1 November 1998
  • 15 May – 17 June 2001: Alfred Cohen, 1920-2001: A Commemorative Exhibition
  • 25 May – 23 June 2002: David Jones and Malcolm Weir
  • 12 April – 11 May 2003: Derrick Greaves: New Prints
  • 11 October – 14 November 2003: Sula Rubens and David Jones
  • 19 March – 22 April 2005: Norman Ackroyd: Brancaster Roads
  • 2006-07  Alfred Cohen: Works from the Early 1960s
  • 30 September – 19 November 2006: Bruer Tidman, Recent Works
  • 19 May – 30 June 2007: Jo Taylor, Works on Paper
  • 15 September – 28 October 2007: Gwyneth Johnstone: Paintings
  • 20 September – 31 October 2008: Norman Ackroyd: Etchings, Oils and Watercolours
  • 20th March — 18th April 2010: John McLean
  • From 20 March 2010 — Alfred Cohen: Recent Acquisitions and Restorations

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