Alfred Cohen: Selected List of Exhibitions

Alfred Cohen: Selected List of Exhibitions


1953 One-Man Touring Show sponsored by the United States Information Service in Germany. Exhibited in: Augsburg, Bremen, Darmstadt, Freiburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Mannheim, and Regensburg
1958 Galerie René Drouet, Paris
Ben Uri Art Gallery, London
1960 Obelisk Gallery, London
1961 Kaplan Gallery, London. ‘Aspects of the Thames’
1963 London, Brook Street Gallery. ‘La Commedia dell’ Arte’
1964 Toronto, Galerie Dresdnere
1965 Montreal, Galerie Dresdnere
London, Brook Street Gallery. ‘Recent Paintings’
1966 Farnham, Ashgate Gallery
1967 Cambridge, Magdalene Street Gallery, ‘The Face of Cambridge’
Chilham, Canterbury, Robin’s Croft Gallery
1968 Farnham, Ashgate Gallery
1969 London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
1970 Farnham, Ashgate Gallery
1971 Harrogate, Sands Gallery
1972 Farnham, Ashgate Gallery
Canterbury, Robin’s Croft Gallery
York, Austen Hayes Gallery
1973 Harrogate, Sands Gallery
1974 Farnham, Ashgate Gallery
London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
1975 Cambridge, Magdalene Street Gallery
1976 Rye, Rye Art Gallery
London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
1977 Leeds, Park Square Gallery
1978 Rye, Rye Art Gallery
1979 Farnham, New Ashgate Gallery
Newcastle Co. Down, Grant Fine Art
1980 Etchings. Tokyo and five other Japanese cities
1980 Norfolk, The Wells Centre
1984 Touring Exhibition, Northern Ireland
1985 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Alex Gerrard Fine Art, Battle, East Sussex
1986 The Solomon Gallery, London
1991 Fermoy Gallery, King’s Lynn, Norfolk
Rye, Rye Art Gallery
Alex Gerrard Fine Art, Battle
1994 School House Gallery, Wighton
2001 ‘Alfred Cohen: 1920 – 2001: A Commemorative Exhibition’, School House Gallery, Wighton
2001-2 ‘Alfred Cohen: 1920 – 2001: A Retrospective Exhibition’, London Jewish Cultural Centre

2006-07 ‘Alfred Cohen: Works from the Early 1960s’, School House Gallery, Wighton

2010 ‘Alfred Cohen: Recent Acquisitions and Restorations’, School House Gallery, Wighton


1950 Salon des Artistes Français, Paris
Americans in Paris Show. American Artists Centre, Paris
1951 Salon des Indépendents, Paris
Salon de l’Art Libre, Paris
Salon de l’Armée, Paris
1953 Second International Exhibition of American Paintings at Bordighera, Italy
1954 Salon d’Automne, Paris
1955 Group Show, Lucien Labaut Galleries, San Francisco
1956 Ten American Painters in Europe, University of Wisconsin
1957 First Dadas Exhibition in Maisons-Laffitte, Paris
Salon D’Automne
1958 Exhibition ‘Six Peintres Anglo-Americains’, Galerie du Colisée, Paris
Salon des lndépendants, Paris
Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris
1959 Two-man show (with Reginald Weston), St. Paul, Minnesota
1960 ’20 Peintres Américains 20 Peintres Français’, Paris
Paul Rivas Gallery, LA: ‘Landscape: Figurative/Abstract’
c.1960 Obelisk Gallery. Mixed exhibition, Included: Archipenko, Dufy, Epstein, Ernst, Leger, Nicholson, Picasso, Tanguy, Utrillo, and Vlaminck
1962 Group Exhibition, ‘New Figuration’, Forum Gallery, New York
1963 ‘New Directions 63’, Brook Street Gallery, London
Exhibition ‘SE.63’, Bradford City Art Gallery
Exhibition ‘Idole und Damonen’ (‘Idols & Demons’), Museum des 20 Jahrhunderts, Vienna
1963 Group Show, ‘Contemporary Jewish Painters’, Leeds City Museum
1964 London, Ben Uri Art Gallery. ‘Twenty Five British Painters’
1966 London, U.S. Embassy Exhibition. ‘Five Americans in Britain’. Antanas
Brazdys, Alfred Cohen, John Hubbard, Francis Kelly, R. B. Kitaj
1967 Montreal, Galerie Dresdnere
1969 London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
Farnham, Ashgate Gallery
1970 London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
1971 London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
Glasgow, Compass Gallery
1972 London, Thackeray Gallery
Two-man show (with Norman Adams) London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
Two-man show: ‘Alfred Cohen and Patrick Hall’, Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
1973 London, Fieldborne Gallery
Medical Aid for Vietnam
London, Erica Bourne Gallery. ‘Winter Exhibition’
1974 Los Angeles, Gallery Z
Cape Town, Wolpe Gallery
London, Wildenstein
1975 London, Roland, Browse & Delbanco
1976 Hull, University of Hull. ‘American Artists in Britain’
Leeds, University of Leeds
1977 London, Browse & Darby
Two-man show. York, Austen Hayes Galleries. ‘Alfred Cohen and Christopher Catlin’
London, Campbell and Franks
1978 London. Campbell and Franks. Exhibition of Lahumiere graphics, including Cohen, Hockney, Miro, Moore, and Rauch
London, Fieldborne Gallery. ‘Art in Religion’. Incl. Duncan Grant, Josef Herman, Kokoschka, Piper.
1979 London, Montpelier Studio
1980 Tokyo. HTS
1982 London, Blackman Harvey. ‘Anglian Encounters’
Two-man exhibition. Northern Ireland, Grant Fine Art. ‘Josef Herman and Alfred Cohen’
Two-person exhibition with Mary Newcomb.The Wells Centre, Norfolk
Artists for the Children of Vietnam
London, Leinster Fine Art
1985 ‘Artists against Apartheid’. Royal Festival Hall
1989 ‘Art 25’. Council House, University of East Anglia
‘Twentieth Century Master Prints’, The Manor House Society, The Sternberg Centre, London. Auerbach, Bomberg, Chagall, Bernard Cohen, Naum Gabo, Herman, Kossoff, Sutton etc.
1991 ‘Cabinet Paintings’. Gillian Jason Gallery, London
1995 Cambridge Arts. ‘Modern British and Contemporary Paintings, Drawings and Prints’
1996 ‘Private Views’. Contact Gallery, Norwich
The City Gallery, London. ‘East Anglian Artists’
Two-person show. School House Gallery, Wighton, Norfolk. ‘Alfred Cohen: Sylvia Levine’