ALFRED COHEN – Picture Information Form

The Alfred Cohen Foundation is trying to build up as full a record as possible of the pictures of Alfred’s we can trace, with a snapshot of each if possible, and some essential details. This information will form the basis of a catalogue raisonné of his work, and will be extremely useful for anyone studying his work. We should be extremely grateful if you could fill in as many of the details as possible, putting a dash or ‘n/a’ if they are not applicable. Please complete one form for each picture. With thanks.

Title: as it appears on the back or in an exhibition catalogue (including

Size: in inches: Height: ……………….. x Width:

Medium and surface (i.e. ‘Oil on canvas’, ‘Oil on panel’, Oil on paper’,
‘Oil on paper mounted to board’, ‘casein on paper’, ‘Watercolour’, etc).
If you’re not sure, it would be best to indicate the alternatives, such
as ‘Oil or casein on hardboard or canvas board’)
Inscription on the picture surface a) Signed?: Yes/No b) Other inscription?
Yes/No (If yes, please transcribe as it appears on the surface)
Any dedication or other inscription on the back (Please transcribe below)



Any information about where and when exhibited. (Are there any gallery
or exhibition labels on the back, or numbers?) For example:Brook Street
Gallery; Roland Browse and Delbanco; School House Gallery; etc
Your name and address



When did you acquire the picture? Do you have any information about previous

Other Collectors. If you also know other people with works of Alfred’s,
the Foundation would be glad to hear about them too.

Other information? (Please continue on a separate page if necessary)