[The Captain], c. 1963
[The Captain], c. 1963

Trustees: Diana Cohen, Brendan Griggs, Max Saunders, John Millwood
Patrons include: Sidney and Elizabeth Corob, Michael Sandler, Lord Wakehurst, Paul Zuckerman, Zoë Wanamaker

Registered Charity No. 1097812

The Alfred Cohen Art Foundation was established as a charitable trust in 2001, and was granted Charitable Status in 2003. Its main aim is to raise public awareness of Alfred Cohen’s work by:
§ establishing and holding a major collection of the works
§ arranging exhibitions in diverse locations
§ facilitating the placing of his works in public collections
§ enabling research into his work, and the publication of work on him
In order to do all these things the Foundation will:
§ solicit donations and bequests of Alfred’s work to the collection
§ raise funds (by donation, bequest, or covenant) to buy certain works of Alfred’s on the open market, and to fulfil the other purposes of the Trust
§ arrange for the preservation, conservation, and housing of the collection

In its first fifteen years the Foundation has already acquired a significant collection, receiving over seventy paintings and drawings, given by nineteen donors; plus one picture on a long-term loan. A further seven works have been bequeathed to the Foundation. The Foundation has placed 17 pictures in public or equivalent major collections, including: the British Council, Pallant House, the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, and the Jerwood Gallery. Diana Cohen and I will continue to donate works on a regular basis. The collection will be housed at the School House for as long as Diana continues to run the School House Gallery, during which time she undertakes to maintain a permanent exhibition of Alfred’s works there. It should be stressed that the Trust, not the family, would be the owner of the collection, and the Trustees would be free to make other provisions if appropriate. The Foundation has also made considerable progress in tracing and beginning to catalogue the work.


The Foundation would be glad to hear from dealers who have acquired paintings from estates or individual clients. However, please note that we research the auction market thoroughly, especially in the UK and particularly in London, but also works listed online; and it is our policy not normally to buy from dealers who have outbid us at auctions.

If you would like to help the Foundation in any way, or be kept informed of its activities, we should be very grateful if you could contact us. For contact details and further information please visit the Foundation Website.