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Ford c. 1915 ©Alfred Cohen, 2000Ford Madox FordAuthor, 1873-1939

This Website is devoted to the writer Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939). It concentrates on three aspects of current study of his life and work.



Self Impression coverAutobiografiction

‘Autobiografiction’ may sound like a postmodern critical term, but was in fact coined in 1906, in an essay of that title by the British Edwardian writer Stephen Reynolds (1881–1919). Reynolds is best-known for his book ‘A Poor Man’s House’ (1908) about the fishing community he lived in at Sidmouth.




EntranceofPunchAlfred Cohen, Painter, 1920-2001

This is the Web Site for the American artist Alfred Cohen, who lived in Chicago until 1949, Europe (mainly Paris) until 1960, and in England from then until his death in 2001. It combines information about his life and work with a virtual gallery covering the major phases of his painting.




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All three images © Estate of Alfred Cohen, 2002