Use your summer productively!

Exams are over, essays are handed in, and summer is finally upon us! If you’re in between university terms then a couple of months of freedom loom ahead. However, you should not let these months go to waste. Summer is a great time to be productive without the pressure of university work and with extra time to do things that will help you along your career journey!

Get work experience

Although a lot of summer internships are advertised earlier in the year, it is not too late to secure some work experience or an internship opportunity. Some companies might be happy to take you on for a period of time if you reach out to them with a speculative application. Even taking a part-time job related to the industry you want to work in could help to build skills and contacts that will enable you to secure future work opportunities.


Whether you only have a few hours to spare or are looking for something more regular, volunteering is a great way to give back and gain experience. So many places rely on volunteers to help run projects, which will allow you to meet others and develop new skills. The KCLSU post a range of current volunteering roles on their website, including long-term, short-term and one-off opportunities.

Take a course or short programme

You may be ready to take a break from studying for a few months, but it is good to keep the clogs turning and your brain engaged. Taking a course or short programme in an area you’re interested in can be a good way to build on what you’ve been taught at university or even learn something completely new! is also a great place to find online courses, training, classes and tutorials on a range of topics.

Teach yourself a new skill

Skills do not always need to be learnt on the job and it can show initiative to employers if you have taken time to teach yourself something new. Starting a new project, writing a blog or mastering a new technical skill are all ways that could improve your CV. View our previous blog post all about creating your own ‘work’ experience to gain some more advice on how to seek different kinds of experience.

Take time to relax

Although this might sound contradictory, it is also important to have time to relax. You cannot always be 100% productive all of the time and a bit of down time can often help to recharge your batteries. We spoke about how to deal with stress earlier this year, but even though the exam period is over, it is still important to know how to de-stress and calm your mind.

Remember that King’s Careers & Employability is open all throughout the summer and is here to help you if you need careers guidance, application advice or help with any general employability queries you might have. Now go and enjoy your summer, you deserve it!