We’re taking it back to the Summer of 2017 (so not too long ago!) and looking at some great footage taken by our global interns! Annie Batten, completed a Marketing Internship in Beijing with the Global Internships Programme: 360 support through a trusted King’s provider model – watch and listen to her video below! Andreea Prodan, completed… More #TravelThrowback


No, you cannot use that Walden IG filter photo of you on a night out with your friends cropped out for LinkedIn. It just doesn’t work. LinkedIn is not Instagram and though people may act like it, it is not Facebook either. Yes, it is a social media platform – but it is a professional… More #SELFIE

Why do KLPSA?

What is it? The King’s Leadership & Professional Skills Award (KLPSA for short) is a great way to learn various professional and leadership skills. Throughout the award, you have the chance to reflect on your strengths and how to improve them, as well as learn how to communicate your skills in your professional life. KLPSA… More Why do KLPSA?

Boxing: An Interview Metaphor! IT’S TIME – LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE

On August 26 a former world champion boxer, possibly the greatest boxer of all time will come out of retirement to face a Mix Martial Artist (MMA) and current UFC champion. Labelled the “money” fight with expected revenue expected to exceed $1bn in total sales.  If you’re not a fan or familiar with boxing, this… More Boxing: An Interview Metaphor! IT’S TIME – LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE