Discussing Forced Migration & Careers with Janahan Sivanathan

In the third episode of The Access Factor Podcast, host Emily is joined by Janahan Sivanathan, Sanctuary Project Officer at King’s, to discuss forced migration and what it means for students’ future careers.

Janahan tells his own story of migrating to the UK as a torture survivor and his struggles with obtaining the right to work, accessing education, and pursuing his dream of becoming a solicitor.

Emily and Janahan also discuss what qualities are needed for a career in the charity sector, especially when working with refugees, and list resources available to forcibly displaced students at King’s.

For more information about the careers support available to forced migrants at King’s, visit the KEATS page for Forcibly Displaced Students or read our blog post.

Trigger warning:┬áThis episode contains discussion of forced migration as well as descriptions of violence and mentions of self-harm and attempted suicide. If you are a King’s student and need to access support, please reach out to the King’s Mental Health & Wellbeing team.

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