Introducing The Access Factor Podcast

The Access Factor is a podcast created by the Careers & Employability department at King’s College London. Our host interviews special guests from a range of industries, focusing on their career journey as well as the diversity, inclusivity and accessibility of their sector. They also provide actionable steps and signpost valuable resources to help you start and succeed in your dream career. 

Episode 1 is an interview with Claire Hoang, Vice President of Social Media at ITV Studios. In the episode, Claire explains her career journey all the way from growing up on a council estate in Manchester to working at the likes of ITV, the BBC, and more. Using her own experiences in the industry, Claire explains the skills she thinks are important to getting into – and being successful in – the media and marketing industries. She also suggests some great places for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to land opportunities in the sector and offers invaluable insights into the many different roles available, depending on your strengths. 

You can listen to the episode now on Spotify and Kaltura. Make sure to follow The Access Factor Podcast on Spotify to stay up to date with new episodes launching each month!