Creating your own “work” experience

Employers often look for more than just a good degree. What they really want is someone who can demonstrate that they are the right fit for the job, often by providing evidence of their skills and competencies. Work experience is a great way to develop this and will give you an insight into the world of work. However, there is more than one way to get experience…

Whatever reason you might have for seeking different types of experience to add on your CV, we’re here to help! We’ve created a list of ways to create your own experience and by doing one or more of these things, you can develop some of the skills a future employer might be looking for, as well as making sure your CV and job application has added impact.

Start a blog

Being able to write in a clear and concise manner is important in every sector. By starting a blog (or writing for a student newspaper or magazine) you can develop your writing skills. Writing about a topic related to the sector you are keen to work in can also be a great way to demonstrate your interest and passion.

Use to gain new skills

Spice up your CV by taking a short course on Perhaps you’re looking for a job where software skills are important, or you could learn more about business by doing a course. By using our King’s subscription to, you can develop some of the skills you will need in future roles. Alternatively, you could take a foreign language course or read up on current trends and news relevant to the sector.

Run a fundraising or PR campaign

Need to work on your creative, persuasive or influencing skills? By running a fundraising or PR campaign about an issue you care about, you can develop key skills related to managing a campaign. You might just end up with a pool of examples to pull from when faced with competency-based questions at an interview.

Organise an event

Liaising with suppliers or booking venues can be great experience to bring into a graduate role. You can organise events through a student society or on your own, whether it’s a fashion show, exhibition or panel event related to a subject you’re interested in. Organising and running your own event can also give you marketing experience and will allow you develop your commercial awareness skills.

Become an Academic Rep

In addition to demonstrating your willingness to take responsibility and initiative, becoming a Rep in your department or faculty can be a great way to get your fellow students’ voices heard. Academic Reps play an important role in shaping students’ experience of King’s.

Look for creative volunteering opportunities

Did you know that you can volunteer as a special constable to support of the work of the police force in your community? If you’re willing to spend some time searching you might find something creative and a bit different, giving your volunteering experience a bit of an edge.