What is Lynda.com and why should you be using it?

What is it?

Lynda.com is an online resource providing a variety of courses, classes, training and tutorials. With over 13,00 expert-led courses on software, web development, design, photography and business, you can learn skills to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. There are a large variety of Learning Paths, such as how to become a Manager, Digital Illustrator or Project Coordinator and you can filter your selection to find the path that fits your career choice.

How does it work?

All King’s students and staff have access to Lynda through the college’s website. There’s information on getting set up for the first time there, as well as a selection of suggested playlists for students and staff. Lynda.com is available for use on any device and the app can be downloaded onto mobile devices to access content at anytime, anywhere.

How can this benefit students and staff?

Whether you are starting to discover what you might do after your degree, beginning to focus on what interests you or putting a career plan into action, Lynda.com can help students gain skills that will benefit your studies and future career.

For staff, Lynda.com resources can help to develop management, upskill the workforce and improve productivity. Organisations can buy access to Lynda.com for their whole team and maximize team training through the online courses.