Networking as part of the job search

The final part of our three-part series on how to become LinkedIn savvy is upon us! This post will focus on why networking is the most effective job search tool. These materials have been created by Sabrina Woods and additional handouts can be found at 

Networking is the most effective job search tool 

Increase your chances of finding job leads by conducting a type of networking conversation called an informational interview. Go to “sample request for informational interview”. These informational meetings can add to your insight about the organization, which will help you write a great cover letter and excel in a job interview. Later, after doing an informational meeting, you may be able to ask those you have talked with to introduce you to a hiring manager or pass your resume along to the right person. 

If you share a Group with someone, you can message them, using a free account 

In the top search box add a job title or company name. Click on the “People” button.  Select someone from this list, then find out if you share a group with them, or join a group they are already in:  

  • Open their profile, if there is a “highlights” section that means you share mutual connections and/or a mutual group. If you share a group with someone, you can message them through this group.
  • If you don’t share a group, scroll to the very bottom of the profile, click on “See more”. 
  • From this menu, click on “Groups.” 
  • Consider joining one of these groups. Then continue with these steps: 
  • Once in the group, click on the number of members, and then enter their full name in the search box. After their name comes up, you can now send a message.

Additional, advanced search tips can be found here. Also check out using Boolean search

Look for alumni 

In the top search box add in job title or company name, then select “People” and “All filters”. From this menu, add in the name of the university you attended or add the name of the school in the top search bar, then click on the “More” drop down menu and select “Schools”. Once on the college or university’s school page, select “See Alumni”. 

Search jobs 

While looking at postings, you can also see if you are connected to anyone at the company.   

Check out a connection’s “Recent Activity”  

This feature allows you to see what your connections are posting, liking and commenting on. To find it, go to a 1st level connection’s profile and scroll just below the top box.  If they have any activity, you’ll see it in “Posts & Activity.”   

Search your connection’s 1st level contacts 

By going directly to one of your 1st level contact’s profiles you can search their contacts by various keywords. Go to the person’s profile and look in the top box, underneath contact info.    

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