Your 10-point check list for a savvy LinkedIn profile

Today we have the first of a three-part series on how to become LinkedIn savvy, starting with some top tips on how to get your profile looking its best! These materials have been created by Sabrina Woods and additional handouts can be found at 

1. Get a professional headline (in 120 characters). See below for some examples and you can find more tips on making your headline standout on Forbes

  • Environmental Science Student at UCL focused on Sustainable Development & Energy Efficiency | Society President 
  • Online Marketing & WordPress ☼ Experiential Marketing Intern at Superdry ☼ Studying BA in English 
  • Software Engineering Student | Exploring Mobile Learning & Augmented Reality Gaming | MSc in Computer Science 
  • King’s College Biology Student | Interested in Neuroscience | Student research project at Institute of Cancer Research  

2. A photo in professional attire is key.  Profiles with photos are 14 times more likely to be viewed.

3. Customize your public profile URL for use on business cards, resume and in your email signature. 

4. A summary should be used to position yourself for your next job. Highlight those skills and experiences that support this career direction. Be sure to include industry related keywords. Check out these prep questions here and see sample summary examples here. The first 2 sentences (120 characters) of your profile are all that initially appear.

5. Sections can be added to enhance your profile. Consider adding sections such as Projects, Courses, Certifications, Languages, Publications and Volunteering Opportunities.

6. Experience section is a version of your resume. Use targeted keywords and accomplishments. 

7. Skills & endorsements is an important section to customize since others can “endorse” you and listing them can help you show up in a recruiter’s search. The first 3 skills will be listed (then a “view more” button will appear), so make those first 3 count!   

 8. Recommendations from past supervisors, coworkers, lecturers, or fellow students, who know you well, enhance your profile.   

 9. Media links allow you to upload and/or link to media such as websites, video, and PowerPoints. Review 18 Ways to Turn Your Profile into a Portfolio for more ideas and examples. 

10. A visual header can be added to your free Linkedin account. 

Look out for the second part of this series coming to the blog next week!