8 core skills for careers in public and global health

A panel of inspiring public and global health professionals joined us on campus in February for our Discover Careers in Public and Global Health event. Their experience spans consultancy, global NGOs and smaller charities, research and academia.

They all gave a clear message that careers in public and global health are not linear. So let go of any expectations you may have of a ‘career ladder’ that you step on and move up. Instead, recognise that you will navigate a career which will have less obvious steps.

As a result of this, one of the questions from students present was ‘what are the core skills needed for a career in public and global health?’

Here’s what they said :

  1. Get used to dealing with politics
  2. Communicate well (in person, writing and via social media)
  3. Structure your thinking and stay true to what the data tells you (e.g. in the face of pressure from clients or funders)
  4. Don’t underestimate the public’s intelligence
  5. Do your homework; know about your area in depth and understand who/what has influence
  6. Pay attention to the detail
  7. Make sense of complex issues
  8. Be resourceful; don’t expect everything to be well-funded and well-resourced for you

And a useful tip from the panel: Identify your skills gaps and use volunteering as a way to fill those gaps and get the experience you need to move on to your next role!

See the profiles of the panel here.   

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