Social media and mental health

By | Mythbusters

It is sometimes thought that the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can have a negative effect on a user’s mental health. In this week’s blog, Research Assistant Katie Thompson and Placement student Emma Bishop discuss the influence of social media on mental health.  Katie…

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Maintaining mental health around Christmas

By | The Wider World

Christmas is a time of year associated with reconnecting with family and friends, exchanging presents, and having fun. But this can also be a difficult time for those living with mental health conditions. Increased commitments, family pressures and financial issues can all become stressful and exacerbate mental health difficulties. So,…

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L for Loneliness

By | A-Z

Human beings are social species. We naturally interact and bond with other people. According to evolutionary theory, loneliness has played an important role in the survival of humans because connecting with others increases one’s chances of living (Cacioppo, Hawkley, et al., 2006). Still today, it seems that we feel lonely…

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