Why I chose to study English BA

This post was written by Sasha – French, stage 3

I study English Literature first year at King’s College London and for a really long time I was stuck between whether to pick history, classics or English literature. I really enjoyed history and English GCSE and A-levels but knew that classics really interested me as an option; one thing that helped me to decide what to do was actually my coursework! 

When it came down to researching my subject I had a lot more enthusiasm looking at literature than I did looking at historical journals and essays- I found that English had a scope that was so much more appealing as it incorporated so many of my other subject engagements including my love for theatre. I realised that if I was going to study English I’d practically be doing several degrees in one, it so closely relates to sociology, history, psychology, drama & philosophy that I wasn’t confined to just one subject in university. 

Looking at university curriculums was also a major factor in helping me choose my subject, I looked at the English optional modules list for King’s and didn’t have much that I did not have an interest in learning but have always had parts of other subject that made me lose my passion. 

Ultimately, it is about what I felt I could do for the rest of my life. Studying English means I have a wider range of masters degrees that I can pick from as well as having the capacity to become reader in my chosen area, teach English, publish academic material. That all seemed a lot more appealing to me for English and looking back I am kind of surprised I had to even debate it. Even areas of my subject that may have less appeal to me, I have found a way to twist into my own perspective- the freedom I have within literature to explore purely my own thoughts or opinions gives education a fresh face that is less focused on being told what is yes or no but more based on open discussion. 

Written by Evie Corten (she/her) 1st Year English BA

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