What you can do with a degree in Digital Culture

Digital Culture BA at King’s College London is an innovative new degree which explores a diverse range of digital platforms. You can learn more about the way modern companies use digital to improve their business, and how the governments use it to streamline processes and ensure their messages are heard.

This course will teach you about social media, microblogging, advertising, jacking, journalism, digital visualisation, curation and more. So whether you’re interested in social media strategy, online community management, digital journalism, marketing and advertising, gaming, digital curation and heritage, or other cultural and creative industries, this degree will set you up to succeed. That’s why Dana decided it was a good idea to study it!

Both Dana and Kelly are going to tell you how their Digital Culture degree is shaping their career choices, and the also about the work experience they have had so far.



Going into Digital Culture, I knew I wanted to work in media, but I didn’t have a solid idea as to what I had interest in or what opportunities were available to me. During my first year at King’s, I’ve gotten a much better idea of the options open to me through my classes and career opportunities. In my course, particularly with classes like Digital Economy and Audiences, I’ve discovered my interest in marketing and advertising.

With this knowledge, I have been able to find various job opportunities on the King’s Career Connect website to help me explore my interests. Through a part-time job fair I secured a job at a software company in London working in lead generation and the marketing department. I’ve loved getting real working experience alongside my studies!



When undertaking any degree, it is important to discuss all possible options, which is why a degree like Digital Culture holds many options ahead of you.

A degree like Digital Culture is highly trending and needed in the workforce. Companies and workspaces are facing a digital transformation, and every sector is hyped about ‘the digital’—from journalism to marketing to consultancy to creative industries. Having done three internships in my undergraduate degree, all three were different yet had a common denominator which is digital technology.

I first worked at a research centre that needed help with managing and digitising client databases and files. My second internship was at a café that hosted daily events and workshops, so I was involved in managing their social media and digital marketing as well as managing digital files and databases. In my final internship, I worked at a mainstream consultancy company that dealt with all sorts of digitisations—from working on projects with artificial intelligence to data analytics. This internship was at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and since I enjoyed, I decided to apply to their graduate scheme and have fortunately landed a position with them. I have colleagues who have pursued different paths, from digital marketing to journalism to curation. This degree will help you choose what field to pursue with its rich selection of electives, study abroad, internship module and dissertation thesis or project.


Want to find out more? Come along to a Digital Culture taster day!

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