Top 5 Things I Love about Studying Film Studies

Studying in central London

As a film student, you are based at King’s Strand Campus right at the heart of London. With South Bank only a short foot-walk away, you can catch a film at the BFI, visit an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery next door or go on a stroll along the Thames after classes. The area around the Strand is also an incredibly historically rich place which you might even be able to recognize in some of the films that you watch in the Film History modules – for example, Covent Garden Porters (1929), a two-minute film shot around Covent Garden.

Film Screenings

My favourite aspect of BA Film Studies is the screenings that usually take place right after our lectures, and are followed by a discussion in seminars afterwards. We get the opportunity to watch the films (which are related to each module’s weekly topic) in one of the lecture theatres that are fully-equipped for digital (as well as 35mm!) projection. As film viewing has become an increasingly individual activity nowadays, watching a film collectively with your course-mates can be a very precious experience. I always enjoy the moments of shared laughter or astonishment (and occasional tears) that this brings with it.

Mai does an undergraduate course in Film Studies

Feeling supported

Throughout my time studying Film at King’s, I have always felt very supported by the people in the Film Studies Department and the university in general. The lecturers and tutors are very approachable and have given me helpful advice, for instance when I faced a particular issue with an assignment or asked for feedback on an internship application. Last semester, the department also introduced a buddy scheme which pairs up second and third year students with first years, who will be mentored throughout their first semesters at university. It’s a great opportunity to connect and exchange experiences with students outside of your cohort!

Professional opportunities

Being based in London is ideal if you’re looking for an internship that you can undertake over term break, as there are many opportunities in the arts and media sector, such as production and distribution companies, film festivals or museums and galleries. In addition to the King’s Careers & Employability service, the Film Studies Department also offers support and guidance for your internship search and the application process. Moreover, in the second or third year of the course, students have the option to study abroad (partner universities include the University of Toronto, University of California, Kyoto University and the University of Hong Kong among many others) and gain valuable skills and experience that can be deployed in their professional careers later on.

The Maughan Library is a fantastic place for studying, attaining new research and information


Whether you’re looking for a specific film or book on a topic that you’re interested in, the Maughan Library is a good place to start the search since it has a great collection of books, magazines and journals as well as audio-visual material. Additionally, King’s has a vast selection of online databases, where you can even spend hours delving into the ‘Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive’ which includes film publications which were active in the first decades of the 20th century. As a film student, you also get access to online film and TV libraries such as the BFI player, Kanopy and Box of Broadcasts.


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