How to make the most of your time at King’s

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After graduating last year, I kept thinking if I made the most of my time at King’s and the things I wished I had done sooner. As such, here are my tips on how to make sure you make the most of what King has to offer you.  


Join a society 


One of the best things I ever did at King’s was to join a society early on and land a position on its committee! Societies are a great way of learning about things you’re interested in, meeting people with similar interests, and creating a sense of routine. I joined the Creative Writing Society and quickly met a lot of new people.  


Check out KCL’s events  


King’s hosts a wide range of events every day and you can find these events by going on the King’s website! They will introduce you to or further your knowledge on a variety of topics. You can also meet and connect with a lot of people who are influential in fields you might want to go into. These events are perfect for working out what fields you’re interested in and might want to explore as a part of your course. I’m Brazilian, so I loved meeting fellow Brazilians at events hosted by the Brazil Institute at King’s!  


Use the Career & Employability service 


King’s Career & Employability service is well known for going above and beyond what is expected of a university’s career department. Through KEATS you can book appointments with the Career’s office to discuss your CV or job applications, you can attend or watch recordings of previous events, and you can find employer-specific resources. Moreover, you can find a wide range of resources that King’s offers to help you further your employability. For example, it was through the Careers service that I found Futurelearn and other websites that allowed me to learn about the academic circles I want to work in. There are also a wide range of research funding opportunities and courses that you can find through King’s Experience and King’s Internships.  


 Explore King’s different campuses & their libraries  


It was only by wandering through all of the buildings on the Strand Campus that I found the great study spots, cafés, and restaurants King’s had to offer me. Getting to know the library very early on was also key to accessing the texts that helped me write my essays.    


Go to the University of London libraries & access King’s databases  


King’s has so many resources and it is worth taking the time to scour the King’s websites, department handbooks, and KEATS to find all of them. Through these websites you will also find the large number of UofL databases and libraries you have access to as a King’s student! I definitely used a lot of different websites and library databases for my dissertation in third year.  


Go to office hours  


While it may seem intimidating at first, going to office hours is a great way to connect with your lectures, feel more important within your department, and further your academic career. Speaking to the members of your department will allow you to tailor your course to your own personal goals and more quickly develop your academic skills. I used office hours quite often to brainstorm essays and it meant I developed great relationships with the staff in my department!  


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