From libraries to gyms: resources at King’s

By Anvita, a postgraduate student.

Hey there! I’m Anvita, a King’s postgraduate student in Cultural & Creative Industries, based at the Strand Campus. I’m interested in studying media production, cultural policy and entrepreneurship in the arts and culture. I hope to be able to create digital content about ancient spirituality – this is really close to my heart as I grew up at a Yoga institution in India.

Studying at King’s has been such an incredible experience for me because of the emphasis on self development outside the classroom. Not only does King’s facilitate a holistic environment that encourages students to hone their existing skills, it also helps us explore our talents. In this blog, I’m going to talk about the fantastic resources available to King’s students and how this has allowed me to expand my self development.

To start off with, academically – King’s provides several study areas that give you the space to explore ideas you’ve been learning on your course. One of my study havens is the CMCI common room, located near the department office. I love that all the CMCI students have a dedicated area to discuss ideas specific to our course! I also spend a lot of time in the Terrace Cafe. The cafe has a beautiful view of the river Thames and noise levels are low which helps me stay focused.

Apart from study areas, King’s has one of the finest libraries in the world. The Maughan Library has a vast collection of books and reference materials to help with your essays and revision. The library is gigantic, so you can easily pick your favourite spot and make it your own. The best part is that during exam time, King’s Sport and KCLSU organise wellbeing activities in the library garden, which helps you to stay calm and relaxed.

Speaking of King’s Sport – it absolutely has my heart! Thanks to its BeActive programme – students have to pay a nominal membership fee and can then enjoy unlimited classes throughout the semester. I had the wonderful opportunity to teach Yoga. I noticed how these fitness and wellness classes changed the lives of the students and encouraged them to harness their physical and mental wellbeing. The King’s Sport experience definitely ensures that we stay well balanced and are able to learn, grow and make friends in a safe space!

I love using the King’s gym

King’s is welcoming and like a family. Each student has a dedicated personal tutor to ensure we have someone to approach for all the highs and lows of university life. Our tutors not only guide us but are there for us in a pastoral way too. I’ve had several meetings with my personal tutor over the course of my master’s degree and it has been immensely helpful and calming each time!

The most important nugget of wisdom I’d like to leave you with is that opportunities are easily available – it is up to you to seek them and take them. Whether it was taking part in the Entrepreneurship Institute workshops or the Career Centre’s advice sessions – each event has molded me into a better version of myself.

I truly believe that King’s provides you with a wide network of possibilities – what matters is what you do with them.

Boldly seek the knowledge you’re after and go for as many networking events, research seminars, and conferences as you can! With each event, you invest in your self development; which is the very essence of what King’s wants for all its students!

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