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The Maughan library is the main library on the Strand Campus

4 students versus 8 questions…

Eranda is a BA English student here at King’s. In this post, you’ll find 8 questions about life at King’s which she and three of her coursemates have answered for you, in true Q&A style! (She’s even colour coded them!) Hopefully, they’ll give you a little taste of English at King’s (and what makes it so great!)

What’s your favourite thing about studying at King’s?

a) Living in London! I love being able to pop into the British Museum, Tate Modern or National Gallery around my classes. Everything is within walking distance to campus!

b) I’ve really loved remaining in London. As someone whose grown up in London, I’ve enjoyed being able to stay in the vibrant city and being able to enjoy everything the city has to offer. The Maughan Library is a close second though!

c) Probably the international reputation – it’s so useful for my future prospects to know that a degree at King’s is internationally renowned.

Some of Eranda’s favourite texts that she’s studied so far

 What is the best part about studying English at KCL?

d) I’d probably say the standard of staff employed. The lecturers and seminar leaders I’ve had have all been very knowledgeable about their fields and really passionate about them; it really makes a difference to my level of enjoyment.

 b) I think that the module selection covers a broad number of ideas and literature, so there’s really something for everyone. There’s also a couple of more creative modules (such as Creative Writing: Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction) which is really great.

 c) I really appreciate having access to a wide range of resources like Senate House and the Maughan Library (which are also such gorgeous buildings). They’re so essential when you’re doing an English degree.

The Maughan library is the main library on the Strand Campus

What’s your favourite module and why?

a) Tough question! First semester of final year I took Opium to Maximum City. The reading and teaching for that module was extremely thorough and interesting. I also really enjoyed A Mad World: My Masters in my second year for the same reason.

b) I think that I’ve enjoyed most of my modules but one of my favourites was Cultural Encounters in second-year. I didn’t think I would enjoy medieval modules but they ended up being really fascinating. The module also involved translating Old English texts and I found the creative aspect of this especially fun. 

c) Personally, I really liked Mapping Modernism. The lecturer for this great and a very influential modernist scholar; having an expert in this field teach the module was a really great part of this module (and the reading was interesting too). 

How would you describe the social life at King’s?

a) It is social as you want it to be, really. I liked popping by the common room between classes and catching up with friends from seminars who happened to be there, too. I was also able to take time for myself whenever I wanted to.

b) Socially, there’s quite a lot going on at King’s. There are over 250 societies which can be joined so most interests are catered for and the communal areas allow for a more relaxed place to get to know people. Sports Night at Guy’s Bar is great for a night out too! (Before Covid, at least…)

c) There’s really something for everyone at King’s. You meet people through accommodation, societies and on your course but there’s also loads of events going on all the time (the KCLSU site has loads,) which is great.

How would you describe the community within the department?

a) Everyone in the English department is really, really nice. I can’t stress this enough. It’s a very supportive environment and everyone is keen to help you find a solution if you ask for help.

b)Honestly, pretty amazing! My personal tutor has been so lovely and supportive since I’ve started, and all the staff have been great to speak to. I also really appreciate all the events that the department and student reps hold which really help to build a strong sense of community.

c) Everyone’s very friendly, including the staff. I think the student reps are also very pro-active in helping out and department events happen quite often.

Favourite thing to do on campus?

a) Eating!!! When I’ve had enough of my cooking, I’ll treat myself at the canteen (not sure what the others think but I’ve never been disappointed by the campus lunch menu). Also studying! The Waterloo Campus library is really nice, with loads of desk space, charger ports and decent chairs. I’m partial to the silent study rooms.

b) I love being able to hang out in the Virginia Woolf Building’s common rooms or the Meadow in Bush House (a communal area). It gives a nice break from the workload and the food and drinks from the union café are cheaper than the alternatives!

c) I love The Terrace (a cute little café) in the Macadam building. It’s such a nice place to hang out between classes. And, I’ve already said before but the Maughan library is easily one of my favourites too.

Bush house has both King’s teaching spaces and KCLSU facilities, including multiple cafés (including a completely vegan one,) an underground bar/informal restaurant called The Vault, and study spaces.

Favourite event hosted by department?

d) I’ve really liked the Christmas parties hosted by the department, just a nice time to chill and speak to people from different years (and the free drinks were an added bonus!)

b) I loved the virtual University Challenge that was hosted by department representatives during December 2020 but the best part was the ‘after-party’ where we were able to play Among Us with a bunch of students and some staff. It was a really great opportunity to meet new people and to build up a greater sense of community. (My favourite non-departmental event would have to be the Doggy De-Stress where KCLSU bring in dogs to pet after exam season – it’s my favourite day).

 c) Back in first year, after an introductory lecture about what to expect at King’s, there was a tea party event in Bush House. It was a really good opportunity to get to know people on my course in a relaxed environment.

What is something about studying English at KCL that surprised you?

d) Probably the amount of people on my course who I get on with. Generally, everyone’s really great and I’ve loved getting to know such a diverse group of people!

b) Honestly I wasn’t expecting the lecturers to be so helpful and supportive. They’ve all been so willing to help out and always urge students to come to office-hours if they need anything at all. My personal tutor has been equally great and it’s good to know that King’s has provided such a strong support system in place for its students.

c) Studying at King’s has introduced me to things that I never would have studied or looked at before, like finding ways to make Milton interesting! I was surprised at how many different forms of texts that I’ve been exposed to (including film and music), and how many I’ve really enjoyed.

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