5 Things I Love about Modern Languages

After nearly four years of studying French and Philosophy at King’s, I’ve experienced the best of what a modern languages degree can offer. Though challenging at times, it is certainly one of the most rewarding subjects on offer! I’d now like to discuss the top five things which I love about studying modern languages at King’s.


You get to speak another language 

Alexander studies an undergraduate course in French and Philosophy

It may seem obvious, but nothing is more rewarding than applying what you learn in the classroom and seeing yourself improve week on week. Being bilingual allows for a better understanding of people, cultures and societies, enhances communication and social skills, and can even improve cognitive function. In learning another language, you have access to foreign films, books and music – more so, you have the great advantage of travelling to places where nobody might speak English and actually making new friends! Learning a new language is, quite literally, life changing.

Variety of fields of study 

Are you trying to decide what degree to pursue but can’t decide between history and politics, or literature and philosophy? With a modern language degree at King’s, you don’t have to decide between any fields of study in the arts and social sciences; you can study all of these topics and become fluent in a foreign language at the same time! What makes people patriotic? How did Indigenous people in the Americas react to European conquest? What are the key features of contemporary women’s writing? Why has populism swept the world in recent years? You can study all of this and more with a languages degree at King’s!

Year Abroad

For most people, a year abroad is the highlight of their degree. Imagine a degree where you are actually required to travel in order to graduate? With a languages degree, you don’t need to imagine – whether it’s studying, undertaking an internship, or teaching English as a foreign language, you get to go abroad and do almost anything. I went from attending a conservatoire in Paris to studying at a francophone university in Montréal, whilst others went to amazing places from the Swiss alps to the Peruvian Andes!

Lasting friendships 

The friendships you make as a modern languages student are one of the best things about the degree. The Modern Languages Departments at King’s are a close-knit community and foster so many ways to meet people. For example, studying core language modules means that you often have classes with people you know for the duration of your degree, which may not always happen in other courses. And, coming from my own personal experience, students often become really close on their year abroad. Though I only spent a semester in Paris, I made lasting friendships with two others on my course, and now we live together in our final year!

Employment prospects 

Even if you aren’t yet thinking about life post-uni, knowing how your degree will help you is so important. It goes without saying that being fluent in a second language is a highly sought-after skill, for both employability and general socialisation. The wonderful thing about a modern languages degree is that it gives you so much; analytical skills, translation skills, writing skills. Not to mention that living abroad for a year provides opportunities you may not otherwise come across if you were to only stay in London. So if you aren’t sure on what you want to do after graduating, or if you can’t choose between different degrees in the arts, a modern languages degree may just be what you are looking for.


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