A Day in the Life of a History Student at King’s

Every day at King’s is a little different. Depending on my timetable, I typically wake up around 9:30am before getting breakfast and heading to campus. Staying at King’s accommodation, my main form of transportation switches between walking and taking the bus. The Strand campus is essentially just across the bridge from the Waterloo campus, and I often take the bus to Strand but walk to Waterloo – if it’s not too cold out. After attending my 50-minute seminar, I then decide how the rest of my day will unfold. Below are some of the common things that I tend to do. This post was written by Ro.


Going out for coffee with friends

If you didn’t already know, Pret a manger is very popular amongst university students. With many shops around campus, it’s easy to grab a cup of coffee and spend time hanging out. Especially if a seminar was especially challenging, it can be therapeutic to vent or to just take our minds off university work by making plans to go out. As my seminars are typically around mid-day, I will often visit the neighbouring Tesco and grab the £3 meal deal for my lunch.  


Going to the library

Depending on which campus I am at, I will either go to the Maughan library or to the Franklin-Wilkins Library where I will either spend my time working on any essays that are due, or completing the readings and worksheets required for seminars – in History, you will have to do the work to prepare for the next week. To not fall behind the readings required for each coming week, I use a planner and dedicate a certain number of readings to each day. While each reading varies in length, it takes approximately one to two hours to complete a reading and write up notes. 

Connecting with home

Something I try to do often is call my parents. Due to differing time zones, the best time to call them is during the morning or afternoon. After spending approximately an hour calling them, I will either cook lunch or do some work. Depending on how I feel, I will either work in my room or head to the New Hunt’s Library at Guy’s Campus due to its proximity to my accommodation. 

As my day constantly changes, so do my evenings. While most nights I spend at home cooking food in the kitchen and hanging out with my flat mates, the opportunities of what to do are endless. Me and my friends often go to Chinatown, the Westfield shopping mall in Stratford, Oxford Street, or Covent Garden just to walk around and explore the city. Likewise, if societies are holding academic and/or social events, I also enjoy attending those. Depending on how productive my day has been, I either finish my night by doing more work or watching a movie. However, as we are university students, sometimes, we go out to clubs 









Every day is different. You can spend your time taking on the endless number of opportunities offered by King’s College London, exploring new foods and culture in London, or simply relax at home. The choice is yours.  

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