5 Things I Wish I’d Considered When Choosing a University to Study Culture, Media and Creative Industries (CMCI)

by Davine

As the chaos of the UCAS process begins, we are faced with many decisions to make and factors to consider. I’m Davine, a first year Culture, Media and Creative Industries student. Below you will find my list of 5 things I wish I had considered when choosing a university. Hopefully, this will help you to navigate this decision a little more confidently, especially if you are considering going into the arts!

  1. The Importance of Open-Mindedness

Upon reflection, the biggest mistake I made when applying to university was limiting my potential and the potential universities I was considering. I had initially written off all Russell Group universities, KCL included, assuming that these infamous institutions would have no room for an aspiring film producer like myself. I had labelled King’s as ‘too academic’ to even consider as an option. It was only through deeper research that I stumbled across the very course I am studying and loving today: Culture, Media and Creative Industries. I can also see that my apprehensiveness in my university choices was a result of my lack of faith in myself. For this reason, it is so important to be optimisic as well as realistic, and to expect the unexpected. There are a lot of misconceptions around universities courses and institutions to study at, but with lots of research you should be on your way to the course that best fits you!

  1. Course Prospects

University is an investment in you. Ideally, you will graduate with the knowledge, skills, experience, and sense of identity that you want to take into the working world- remember this when choosing a course. Have a look at the modules you might study, make sure you are asking yourself ‘Does this course interest me and will it benefit me in the future?’

Having explored these questions, I was confident with my course choice. I have found a course that covers a wide breadth of the creative industries and I feel assured that I will be graduating well-equipped to face the film industry head on, with the options to specialise in whatever aspect of the business I choose, or to even redirect into another creative industry.

  1. University Atmosphere

Though I was unable to attend university open days in-person due to Coronavirus restrictions, being a Londoner meant that I already had an idea of the Strand campus and the surrounding area. Where possible, it is incredibly beneficial to visit the areas that your university choices are located in. This will offer you the chance to get a feel of the atmosphere and to see if you can envision yourself there. Virtual campus tours are also available for reference.  London is bustling with creativity and opportunities and King’s is an active participant in enriching this culture.  I knew that I had definitely chosen the right university when I had seen at least three different film crews working on my way to class!

  1. Resources and Extra-Curriculars

I would strongly advise looking into the study spaces and societies you could join as these are instrumental in complementing your course and have the potential to really enhance your university experience.

  1. Knowing What Works for You

I felt a huge weight off my shoulders when I found out that my course was 100% coursework. I do not take the pressure and stress of exams very well, so this was ideal for me. Clearly, you will know how best you perform so be mindful of what will help you to flourish best.

I have previously visited a campus university but in the end I found the city university structure more versatile, interesting and appealing to me. Knowing what kind of learner I am, as well as what environment I thrive in would have been incredibly helpful and instructive pieces of information when narrowing down my choices.


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