A day in the life of a Classics student

Studying Classics at university will let you dive into the ancient world, discovering the history, culture, literature, languages and archaeology of ancient Greek and Roman societies. This degree doesn’t just teach us about the past, it helps us to uncover ancient discoveries and to understand ideas, values and policies which are relevant to us today. Not only that, it can also shine a light on the development of many European languages and philosophies which have Latin routes and Greek routes, and as such provides a well-rounded and interesting education.

International student Issabella loves how no two days are ever really the same when you take a Classical Studies degree. She is going to tell you about a day in the life of a Classics student, why she loves her studies and what it has taught her. She will also tell you about lectures, seminars and readings, in addition to her commute into central London and her need for coffee breaks.

Read Issabella’s life of an undergraduate Classics student here.

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