4 top tips to managing your university workload

Dana is a 3rd year Digital Culture BA student from Saudi Arabia.
Dana is a 3rd year Digital Culture BA student.

Ah…the big challenge at university! Managing a heavy workload can be tricky but once you manage your time right, you should be able to apply it to your work too. Here are a few tips that have helped me.

Tip #1
Do not procrastinate!! When you have a deadline coming up, you’ll sometimes find that time seems to run faster than usual! If you can start on an essay a month before, do it! Especially if you have more than one essay due.

Tip #2
For exams and other major deadlines (e.g. dissertations, final year projects, etc.), it always helps to create a monthly calendar or at least a weekly plan so you can keep track of your progress.

Set your own deadlines for individual tasks when you are working toward completing a deadline (e.g. revise this in week X, read more about that in week Y). And when you’re creating that schedule, always bear in mind that you won’t always stick to it 100% because life has a habit of always getting in the way! What I mean by this is that unexpected events happen all the time, and they can also happen during your busiest times – so it’s great to have a bit of flexibility.

Tip #3
One way to tackle unexpected interruptions and to stay on track is by always leaving one day free, for example, every Sunday. If you leave your Sundays empty, that free time can be your spare day for you to complete any work that you didn’t have time to complete over the week. Hopefully, though, nothing will come up, and it can be your day off to relax!

Tip #4
It is very important to take breaks and relax i. Just because you are busy with uni work does not mean you shouldn’t relax too! In fact, I’d say it is more important to relax during the examination period than any other time!

Make sure you allow yourself some time to unwind. For me, it works best if I wake up early and start my day with the most urgent and important priorities. I then leave myself at least an hour before bed to chill out with a cup of tea in front of the TV! Being relaxed can help you feel calmer and will help you to balance the stress.

It may also worth checking out my tips on how to manage your time and your priorities.

Good luck!


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