How can I use audio feedback?

How will I set it up?

  1. If you are using KEATS Assignment, create sound files using a downloadable software app such as Audacity, and upload in bulk.
  2. Use your mobile phone: you can use podcasts or record as an mp3 file on your mobile phone. Simply upload the file to KEATS Moodle Assignment or a secure youtube site. Even if students have not submitted anything digital themselves, staff can still upload feedback
  3. Speak directly into Turnitin Feedback Studio’s general feedback recorder; however this allows only 3 minutes and is uneditable.


  • Record each student’s ID at the start.
  • Where using stand-alone software (e.g. Audacity), save each file first.
  • For the sake of time, aim to record without editing. Don’t worry about eliminating errors – they humanise the assessor.
  • Take care to ensure that the files can only be accessed by the appropriate person/people. You can upload to KEATS  or to a secure Youtube channel.  Send links, not the files, to students.
    • For GDPR purposes,  ensure that only the intended student(s) can access the feedback file. This will require care and effort. If for summative assessment, you will need to also provide a link to the external examiner.
    • Advise students to have a copy of their written work with them when listening to the audio feedback if you are using anything other than Turnitin.

When will it occur in the term/module? 

It can occur at the time of any feedback event. It can be used for summative or formative work.

How will I address potential challenges?

Do I need to make any modifications for accessibility/inclusivity? Can I build these into the design?

Some of Rotherham’s (2008) students found it easier to concentrate on recorded than face-to-face feedback, since in-person the pressure to react appropriately distracted them from listening.


Do I need to make any modifications for large cohort sizes

  • Producers of audio feedback have reported increased volume of feedback in the time allowed, compared to written feedback – so there are no implications for large cohort sizes here.
  • As with any kind of feedback, it is possible to give summary feedback to the cohort, as well as individual feedback.
  • Moodle Assignment will let you multi-upload all the files at once rather than one-by-one – this may help with larger cohorts.


How will I introduce this to students?

As with all new methods of feedback, explain to the students beforehand that they will receive feedback this way. Ensure that they check their technology is consistent with yours and they are able to receive the audio recording.

You might want to seek feedback anecdotally or more formally from the students on their opinions and use of audio feedback.