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Welcome to Assessment for Learning at King’s.

This site has been designed around the framework of Assessment for Learning in Higher Education by Sambell, McDowell and Montgomery (2013). This model sets out six main elements of assessment considerations in the wheel below:


Each element above is reflected in the navigation links of this site:

Authentic Tasks Balancing Formative and Summative Assessment
Self-Directed Learning Low Stakes Practice
Formal Feedback Informal Feedback

Each area contains:

  • an explanation of the key principle/aspect of AfL,
  • a range of assessment and feedback practices,
  • examples of how these have been implemented in a range of disciplines (from King’s, the UK or international HE sector),
  • key design questions to consider when redesigning assessment practices.

These practices can be used in formative or summative situations; this resource has a strong research-informed focus on the benefits of shifting the balance towards formative assessment. Whilst this site cannot tackle all of our assessment challenges, it does aim to stimulate thought and foster a community of sharing practices across the College.

Please also find here KCL Principles for Assessment for Learning  which are based on the information in this site.

About this site

King’s Academy developed this resource in consultation with key stakeholders across the College, including CTEL, Disability Support, Library Services Development team, KCLSU and Careers & Employability.  All the assessment and feedback practice suggestions incorporate disciplinary conventions, digital technology, blended learning, inclusive practices, accessibility and employability considerations, and crucially, are underpinned by principles of educational community building between teachers and students.