Top tips for studying online with King’s Summer Programmes

TOP TIP 1. Turn on your camera and feel the classroom vibes 

As everything goes online amidst these unprecedented times, many are undoubtedly stuck at home with various opportunities being put on hold. However, it does not mean that all doors to a wonderful summer are closed. Imagine forging friendships with many people around the world, learning unique cultures and lifestyles, and delving deeper into subject matters you are interested in, despite the raging pandemic. I was fortunate to realise my dream summer at King’s Summer Pre-University Programme because the pandemic did not stop King’s College London to give opportunities for students across the globe to engage in interactive lessons and discussions conducted by KCL lecturers themselves. 

TOP TIP 2. Put your virtual hands up during discussion because all inputs matter! 

Being an aspiring law student, my Pre-University Law programme at King’s College London has sparked my interest in law even further. Although, all of my classmates came from different countries around the world with different time zones, we were able to bond over our interest in the legal studies, specifically the English Law. Initially, I signed up for the course because of my curiosity of the English legal system which laid the foundation of most Southeast Asian law. Nevertheless, over the course of 2 weeks, the programme has quenched my thirst for knowledge not only about the English legal system shared by my lecturers but also the jurisprudence in other countries like Sweden, Canada, and Hong Kong from my classmates. Besides that I was also able to hone my critical thinking skills as we provided various perspectives in various discussions during the course like the effectiveness of jury trials, examination of the discharge of contracts, and the determination of qualified and absolute rights.  

TOP TIP 3. Write your notes from each lesson tidily  

TOP TIP 4. Join The Summer Society and meet a like-minded group of people

TOP TIP 5. Don’t miss out the chance on sharing stories with your new friends 

Summer Programmes at King’s have irrefutably given me a plethora of learning opportunities but eventually it was up to students to take the bold step to make the most of the programme.  

Francisca Renata Wijaya, Pre-University Summer School Online, Law, 2021