Secrets & Spies: Modern Espionage and Intelligence


London has been at the centre of a web of global espionage for over 100 years. The work of British officers and agents in every corner of the globe helped build the British Empire, and later supported the soldiers, sailors and airmen who fought in the World Wars. Throughout the last century the secret services struggled against terrorists at home, and international competitors abroad. This mission continues today.

Most of those who risked life and limb in the spying game did so in secret, but on this course we will cast a light on their activities. Driven by a variety of lectures, seminars, and exercises, students on this course will be immersed in the secret world.

Based a short walk alongside the river Thames from the iconic headquarters of MI6, King’s College is a world leader in the study of intelligence in war and peace. Its scholars have pushed the boundaries of the subject, writing ground-breaking books on British, US, and Chinese spy agencies, on intelligence and terror, on cyber-spying and cyber-war, and on privacy in the digital age.

Together, on this course, we will observe how intelligence and spying has developed globally over the past century and beyond; we will examine how it is used and abused by politicians, from Churchill to Obama; we will question how it is used in combating the terrorist threat; and we will discuss the implication of developments in spying and intelligence for each of us in the future.

We will open locked-doors, and gaze inside the top-secret world. Doing so, and asking the difficult questions, has never been more important; be part of the debate at King’s College London Summer School 2015.

Dr Huw Dylan

Wonderland: 100 Years of Children’s Literature

“Harry had never been to London before.

Although Hagrid seemed to know where he was going,

he was obviously not used to getting there in the ordinary way.

He got stuck in the ticket barrier on the Underground

and complained loudly that the seats were too small

and the trains too slow.”

– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Platform harry potter
Platform 9 3/4 Kings Cross Station

From Peter Pan to Harry Potter, Rudyard Kipling to Roald Dahl, children’s literature continues to enchant us with enduring magic. But only Wonderland: 100 Years of Children’s Literature gives you the opportunity to study your favourite childhood tales in the vibrant heart of modern-day London.

Together we will read and analyse a diverse variety of novels, plays, poetry, fairytales, fables, and nonsense rhymes, as well as comics, film, and fan fiction, from the naff to the nostalgic, the obscure to the absurd, and the safe to the scandalous.

Driven by lectures, seminars, and excursions students will engage in debates, craft their own short stories, discuss the historical, political, and moral infrastructures contouring the production of children’s literature and survey the landscape of this exciting and challenging canon through the optics of Marxism, psychoanalysis, gender theory, and critical race discourse.

Peter pan kensington gardens
Peter Pan statue, Kennsington Gardens

Moving beyond the classroom, we will visit some of the capital’s most spectacular museums, delve into the archives, enjoy a West End extravaganza, and roam the streets of London on the hunt for Harry Potter’s magical world.

So venture down the rabbit hole, board the Hogwarts Express, aim for the second star to the right and join us in London for King’s College Summer School 2015.

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Dr Victoria Carroll