My King’s Summer by Evelyn Chew


I first heard of King’s college summer school through my university’s website and the idea of studying abroad at a well-known academic institution for a couple of weeks led me to apply to King’s. One of the reasons why I chose King’s was because this summer school allows you to select a module of your interest from a variety of different courses without the need to have any prior knowledge or background for it. Coming from an Economics background, I decided to pursue something I am interested in and opted for International Business.

Working on a group project

The lessons were conducted differently from my regular classes back at NUS (National University of Singapore) and it was indeed an eye-opener. The duration of only three weeks resulted in the module being intensive yet intellectually stimulating. Our professors encouraged us to discuss and immerse ourselves in the various case studies to enhance our learning of the concepts. This allowed me to build my confidence in sharing about my viewpoints and to understand others from a different cultural background as well.

We also got a chance to embark on a field trip to the museum of brands to learn more about how branding affect consumer’s taste and preferences.

Outside The Museum of Brands

Apart from being academically enriched, I have also learnt so much about the culturally rich London. King’s college is located at the heart of London and this location could not have been better. As I walked to school every morning, the beautiful view of the London Eye, Big Ben along with the trademark red telephone booths greeted me.

View as I walk to School

With just a couple of stations away from the numerous museums, musical theaters and shopping districts, there is always something to do after school. From having tea to shopping at the huge Primark store located around Oxford circus, I got to experience the London way of life.

Visiting Mayfield Lavender Farm

And if you are a huge football fan, you could pop by the stadiums around London for a stadium tour!

Most of the students on summer school will take the opportunity to travel to places slightly far away from central London over the weekend for sightseeing. In these three weeks, I’ve visited Brighton, Cambridge, Bath and Stonehenge with my summer school friends.


The knowledge that I’ve gained from King’s summer school will be beneficial to my future career and this summer school made me consider King’s and London as a potential place for me to pursue my Masters upon graduation.

In my opinion, this summer school allows you to be both academically challenged and at the same time gives you the flexibility to explore London and what it has to offer. I would highly recommend anyone who wants a fulfilling summer activity to join King’s summer school. Looking back, I can say that it has been the best summer experience so far. I felt that I have grown so much through this three weeks and I can’t wait to be back here at King’s again in the future!


By Evelyn Chew