Guaranteed accommodation
tool-tidy-shedFlatting privately takes a lot of work. As an RA you are guaranteed accommodation which means you can spend your summer picnicing in the sun, as opposed to trawling through the internet trying to decide if you can afford to live in a garden shed in Zone 1.

giphy (1)Meet new people
RAs in 2017/18 are solely in charge of community building, which means you’ll be making sure that residents are making friends and having fun. You’ll be hosting parties, running competitions and posting on Facebook. Basically, you’ll be paid to socialise!

Do what you love
Want to save the planet? Passionate about Frisbee? As an RA you can promote your interests and be involved in tonnes of different activities. RAs encourage students to get involved in everything that King’s has to offer!

Get a CV boost
You probably hear this a lot now that you’re an adult. But trust us, having experience as an RA will improve your employability. You’ll be employed by King’s College, and undergo professional training in health & safety, event planning and leadership to name a few.  This professional experience will look better on your CV than flipping burgers or serving pints at your local pub.



Help people
Did you know that helping people is one of the best ways to improve your personal happiness? As an RA you’ll be using your own experiences to help our new residents settle into independent life. This is the best part of being and RA – making a difference to the lives of our students.